Creating messages, that hopefully you will appreciate, may also be considered as a form of expression. From time to time, some of them will pop up in this area. Candid feedback and comments are mostly appreciated.

Looking for the #TravelAround series? You can find a dedicated page here.

9 months ago, I was challenged by Foto-Nature for a photographic expedition to Picos da Europa National park (PENP) in
The images I really enjoy making are usually originated by a preparation work which include scouting and previsualization. Scouting is
simply put, previsualization is what differences taking a picture from making a picture. It is associated with the art process
(PT) Para quem não teve oportunidade de ver a exposição "Ligado ao Mar: Klemens", aqui fica um video com as
Welcome to my photography lair. This site intends to be a tribute to the places that I shoot. Most of them showing

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