Creating messages, that hopefully you will appreciate, may also be considered as a form of expression. From time to time, some of them will pop up in this area. Candid feedback and comments are mostly appreciated.

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Day 2 was a long, exhausting day and as a group we decided to sleep a bit more this morning.
The morning started early: after 3 hours of deep and fast sleep, the alarm clock went of at 5:00. And
As I start writing this new set of posts, less than 24 hours have gone by since arriving from the
Getting soooo close I can almost smell it 🙂 (as in the cold air in the high mountains) with hours
A post that considers bot the T-4 and T-3 days. Yesterday, a day mostly dedicated to the family, with a
No news 🙂 Full days with a lot going on not just around the trip.
Packing: DONE! this is a late entry in the post series as I was working on the packing till late
Still decisions, Thanks to fabulous contributions and messages in my facebook page, the topic around what equipment to take is
The screening process of what to take, at least for me is a hard one. I don't want to take
Planning is at least 50% of the fun. Being a planning freak adds to the joy. Trying to think in

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