Creating messages, that hopefully you will appreciate, may also be considered as a form of expression. From time to time, some of them will pop up in this area. Candid feedback and comments are mostly appreciated.

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Saal: review of the printing service
  Disclaimer: I received a generous discount for the work I am evaluating, in exchange of a public service feedback.
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TravelAround: Gävle and Sandviken, Sweden (Take II)
  Scandinavia is becoming a regular work destination, and I can’t possibly describe how thrilled I am about it. This
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TravelAround: North Luanda, Angola
  Platform instability has been causing errors, slowness and breaking the layout of some of the pages. I am hunting
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TravelAround: Sin city – Las Vegas, USA
Las Vegas, also known as the Sin City or the adult’s playground is located on the Nevada State, USA. The
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TravelAround: Coming back to a beautiful northern country – Sweden
Time has come for another trip: a come back to Gavlë and Sandviken, Sweden. About a year ago I was
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Caxias, Oeiras, Portugal
A mere 10 km from the city of Lisbon, Caxias is one of the Tagus river beaches, very close to
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Estrela Trip 2017
In about 15 hours, I’ll be trading the comfort of my home for 4 hours on the road, heading north
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Quick trip to Serra da Estrela Natural Park
Taking advantage of the IMAGINATURE ( , an event dedicated to the landscape photography, I will visit some of the
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Louriçal, Cabo da Roca, Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Portugal evening session
The session About 30 KM away from the center of the Portuguese capital city Lisbon, we reach the most western
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TravelAround: New York, USA (48 hours hop)
New York is one the most emblematic cities (if not the top one) of United States of America. The Big
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