TravelAround series

TravelAround is simply put  fact of my life. Although I like travelling, I don’t just travel because I like. In fact I work in a multinational company and my clients are scattered on an area called EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The main offices of the company are i the USA and occasionally I also to travel there to. With this dispersion of professional interests, I usually travel  or two weeks per month; sometimes more, sometimes less.

Visited countries

So far, this is the list of countries I have visited; I would love to see them all painted sometime in the future…



While on these trips, I try to make the most out of each place I visit. I walk a lot and grab some pictures, trying to avoid the typical location postcards. My gear is simple:

  • Canon G7x Mk II (product page, unpacking): small compact, fast lens, allows manual control of all features. Fits in a pocket.
  • Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod (product page): small compact tripod that I mostly use as a camera holder. Fits in a pocket.

While travelling for business, I don’t usually carry filters or any other accessories. I try to invest on viewpoints and framing, getting close enough to the best image.


The series

Here is the full list of posts from the series.

TravelAround: Gävle and Sandviken, Sweden (Take II)
  Scandinavia is becoming a regular work destination, and I can’t possibly describe how thrilled I am about it. This
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TravelAround: North Luanda, Angola
  Platform instability has been causing errors, slowness and breaking the layout of some of the pages. I am hunting
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TravelAround: Sin city – Las Vegas, USA
Las Vegas, also known as the Sin City or the adult’s playground is located on the Nevada State, USA. The
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TravelAround: Coming back to a beautiful northern country – Sweden
Time has come for another trip: a come back to Gavlë and Sandviken, Sweden. About a year ago I was
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TravelAround: New York, USA (48 hours hop)
New York is one the most emblematic cities (if not the top one) of United States of America. The Big
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TravelAround: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Belfast, Ireland has always been one of those youth dream destinations. If you were born in the 70s or the
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TravelAround: Malmö, Sweden
Malmö is the capital city of the Scania district, in the southern part of Sweden. With a population of approximately 300.000
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TravelAround: Copenhagen, Denmark [#pitstop]
While travelling to Sweden, I had the opportunity to go for a quick visit to Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark. Making
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Travelaround: Antwerp, Belgium
Disclaimer: I have lived for a while in the Netherlands and loved it. For that reason, there is a strong
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TravelAround: Europe – Barcelona, Spain
Having a geographical distributed team (#MSPFE), spread through Europe, has many advantages. I will not get into many details right
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I hope you enjoy them.

Feedback is very welcome!

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