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Cheap DIY solution for humidity-safe storage

If you are a lover of seascape photography, or love to be outside shooting when the weather is rough (a.k.a. the landscape photographer’s favorite weather), you should consider having some sort of humidity-safe storage for your gear. Of course you can throw in money at it, and buy a humidity controlled cabinet, but if you prefer spending cash in some other way,…

Algés, Portugal morning session

The session Early spring, warm weather and dull sky. That would be the best description for the morning session I had yesterday at Algés, Lisbon, Portugal. Being quite close to my home, meant I could spend a couple more minutes in bed while I checked the weather forecast. In a lot more words it went: DULL. When this happens, we must make the…

ruim photo sessions ALPHA series VLOG

Creating a VLOG is something I have been trying to take off for a while. I really appreciate the work and vlogs of some great photographers out there (here are three of my frequent watched list):

I feel that video is a great way of sharing information and specially the all the action of a session.

That said, I have started to make some short videos during my sessions and started what I am calling ALPHA series (alpha definition) .

Introduction image for the ruim photo sessions alpha series VLOG


They are very basic, shaky, speech is lame, etc, etc., I have struggled with myself if I should release them or not, as I like to show only my best work; but in the end I hope that on one hand, this will encourage people to share more! It doesn’t have to be perfect. On the other hand, your feedback will certainly speed up my evolution into becoming better.

Comment, feedback and/or ask questions will be a great help for me to evolve the channel and I would really appreciate it if you could drop some lines and/or like the video and subscribe the channel.. 🙂

Thank you!!

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