Creating messages, that hopefully you will appreciate, may also be considered as a form of expression. From time to time, some of them will pop up in this area. Candid feedback and comments are mostly appreciated.

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Belfast, Ireland has always been one of those youth dream destinations. If you were born in the 70s or the
Malmö is the capital city of the Scania district, in the southern part of Sweden. With a population of approximately 300.000
While travelling to Sweden, I had the opportunity to go for a quick visit to Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark. Making
If you are a lover of seascape photography, or love to be outside shooting when the weather is rough (a.k.a. the
  Cabo da Roca is the most western point of continental Europe. Located in Portugal, 30 km away from Lisboa, the capital
Disclaimer: I have lived for a while in the Netherlands and loved it. For that reason, there is a strong
The session Early spring, warm weather and dull sky. That would be the best description for the morning session I
Creating a VLOG is something I have been trying to take off for a while. I really appreciate the work
Having a geographical distributed team (#MSPFE), spread through Europe, has many advantages. I will not get into many details right
I feel my analytical background kicking in... When I look at my travel posts, I feel there is something missing,

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