Images of my shortsighted view of the world.

More than a passion, photography is for me some sort of obsession. Combining that fact with frequent travels, I get the privileged to capture what I hope are inspiring fragments of the world, those I share with you.

#1MillionStepsHike Camiño de Santiago – 13 – Instagram journal days 19,20,21

Day 19 (2021-Nov-07) – La Guarda ->> Baiona [36 Km, 47 772 steps] #1milhaodepassos #onemillionstepshike day 19 – A Guarda -》Baiona. The day started with some excitement. This was my first day outside of my home country, and through locations, I barely knew, which brought some inevitable sense of novelty. By 8:30 AM and breakfast already absorbed, I hit the…

#1MillionStepsHike Camiño de Santiago – 11 – Instagram journal days 13,14,15

Day 13 (2021-Nov-01) – Águeda ->> Oliveira de Azemeis [33 Km, 42 228 steps]   #1milhaodepassos #onemillionstepshike day 14 – Águeda -》Oliveira de Azemeis. The day started cool and damp, with fog banks popping up here and there during the whole morning. The first hours of the day provided me close encounters with the extinct FAMEL factory, several palatial houses…

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