D e s p e r t a r e s in color

“Despertares” stands for awakenings; the early moments of the day, when the first sun light hits the sky and the street, promoting life into the city.

Having the privileged of working in one o the most beautiful areas of Lisbon city, me and a group of photography enthusiast colleagues, take a weekly challenge when every Friday, jump out of bed 3 or 4 hours earlier than usual and capture images that bless us at every occasion. The location is a clear waterscape surrounded by modern buildings, bridges, etc.. IN this gallery I gather those images that I found most pleasing.

I opted to separate the images into color and black and white, as I find somehow distracting to have them mixed together.

Here, in color, I gather those sunrise warm feelings, orange skies and deep blues that are so characteristic of these early hours of the day.


Despertares in color.

You can find the silver edition here.

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