Far from being a serious writer, I truly believe in sharing stories, adventures and passions that hopefully may get to inspire. This is the landing page for those initiatives that spawn several genres and formats: my books.


Science fiction


I have always been astonished by the capacity expressed by authors of fiction artwork, to create stories, environments and in extreme cases, whole universes in their minds. Specially on the Science Fiction realm, where so many times detail and creativity expand our own horizons.

Over the years a story started to build in my mind around evolution of species, particularly the evolution of the Humans. With a near endless set of possibilities, and a lot o alone time sponsored by a globe trotter profession, it all started to take shape into a universe that felt was worthwhile sharing.

UNICON is the first story that occurs at a special moment in time in that Universe, one at the near edge of Human extinction.

You can get it from Amazon.



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