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Cheap DIY solution for humidity-safe storage

If you are a lover of seascape photography, or love to be outside shooting when the weather is rough (a.k.a. the landscape photographer’s favorite weather), you should consider having some sort of humidity-safe storage for your gear. Of course you can throw in money at it, and buy a humidity controlled cabinet, but if you prefer spending cash in some other way,…


Microsoft is not a reference in the photography software market, but occasionally they release some tools that I add to my toolbox or at list I find interesting. This time I came across Image Composite Editor (ICE) 2.0 which has been developped by the research branch of the brand. With ICE 2 you basically can create panoramic images from a set of images or from a video. I gave it a try recently with a handheld video capture at Piazza de Santo Pedro, Rome, Italy and… I was honestly surprised.

The importance of image scouting (…in my process)

The images I really enjoy making are usually originated by a preparation work which include scouting and previsualization. Scouting is the process of finding special images, storing it’s location and imagine what would be the best possible conditions for making the image. From scouting I usually get a set of images and/or drawings tha will allow me in the future…

Previsualization: an art in itself

simply put, previsualization is what differences taking a picture from making a picture. It is associated with the art process behind the image and it usually comes in 2 flavors: you were blessed with it: usually associated with people related with the arts world, it is there on your every day, you don’t even notice it and you certainly don’t…

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