TravelAround: Europe – Barcelona, Spain

Having a geographical distributed team (#MSPFE), spread through Europe, has many advantages. I will not get into many details right now, but for the sake of this article, there is a relevant one: when you gather the team, well… some of us have to travel. This time I was one of the selected therefore having to travel to the gathering point – the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain.

I have a strong connection with Spain, including blood line; part of my ancestors were Spanish. Often vacations included some driving around our neighboring country, but this was the first time I have ever been to Barcelona, a quick trip of one night, but enough to understand that this is place I could easily call home.

Barcelona is known as the capital of province of Cataluña. A city known by its art and architecture, with Sagrada Família being the center piece of Gaudi’s work.

Cultural diverse, relaxed, beautiful  and very interesting city is how I describe Barcelona. With it’s white sand beaches, you are always sure to find something to do in the area.

Food is an experience not to miss. By the Mediterranean sea, fresh see food is found in abundance. Don’t miss the tapas, byte-size fresh snacks, composed by a small slice of bread with all sorts of toppings (meat, eggs, vegetables, sea food, etc). They are the best companion for an afternoon beer with friends.

My brief interactions with Catalans showed me friendly, proud people, much as one can find back home, so I felt very comfortable.

Yes the trip was short and no, I don’t have all the postcard images of the city, but it is always worth to capture some moments for the posterity.

Click on the images to see the light box.


Experience technicalities
Global [A] – Could call this home
Safety (see GPI) 2 (out of 5)
(Lower is safer)
Photographic potential  

Architecture, Street, People, Landscape (coastal and mountains close by)

Weather  Sunshine and cold ( January, Winter )

1,5 hours, VISA not needed for EU citizens


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