Trip classifications

I feel my analytical background kicking in… When I look at my travel posts, I feel there is something missing, as some sort of Trip classification that could help me on the organization of geographies, but also you who are reading a post and maybe make a decision to go somewhere or not.

Stars, 1 to 5 classifications are fine and dandy and make sense in some of the parameters, but they don’t express my inner feeling towards the place, so I will give a try to a different kind of evaluation in the following scale:

A – Could call this home: somewhere I feel very comfortable and wouldn’t mind bringing the familly for a long stay. No risk.
B – Want to be back with my familly: very nteresting location with a lot I would like my family to experience. Low or no risk.
C – Want to be back: interesting place with lots to explore, but with little interest or some risk for family.
D – Don’t want to come back: No reason to come back. Possible causes: security/risk, nothing else to see on location or around.
E – Regret I came: Bad choice. High risk and/or nothing to see/do.

This will be the overall classification and represents my personal global opinion of my experience.

Other classifications I will add:

  • Safety level: Information obtained from the Global Peace Index maintained by the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) at the time of the trip. The scores given to a trip will not be updated, so make sure you visit the organization’s site for an updated information on the peace index.
  • Photographic potential: my opinion on the photographic potential of the location. Includes the photography genres.
  • Weather: one of the biggest influences on my opinion of a place is certainly the weather. Bad weather can ruin an otherwise lovely experience.
  • Local cost: how expensive is local life, as restaurants and hotels
  • Travel: Travel experience will certainly depend on the location you are departing from. This classification is based on traveling from Lisbon, Portugal (LIS).

The info box would look something like this:

Experience technicalities
Global [A] – Could call this home
[B] – Want to be back with my familly
[C] – Want to be back
[D] – Don’t want to come back
[E] – Regret I came
Safety (see GPI)  1-5
(Lower is safer)
Photographic potential  

Architecture, Street, People, Landscape

Weather  Sunshine and cold (Jan)

X hours, VISA not needed, etc


Do you find this useful?

Leave a message bellow an let me know which other information (if any) makes sense to you!

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